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How did God create wine?

God was sitting at the side of the conference table when a guy from the creative department called himself Kevin (Kevin) came in.

"Well, go on, I need to hear from other departments." God said. After the creation of the earth, God has been raising suggestions for how to allocate resources. "So," said God, staring at his notes, "your opinion is something called a wine. To say, look. "

"Wine," Kevin stated nervously, "a drink made from a mixture of grapes and yeast, which is mixed with yeast. Wine taste is very delicious, can make you happy, wine a variety of flavors can make you happy and can make you drunk.

God looked out of the window. "That sounds good. But is it addictive? "

"Yes," Kevin answered, "if you drink too much."

"It sounds like a trouble," God said. He was obviously interested in something made from grapes. "Did I just approve something like that?"

"Yes, you say it is water. But it's very different from the wine I'm talking about. The water is everywhere and people don't even notice it. "

"Before you said that the wine collection was a lot of good, it would certainly be very popular, so I have to create more, isn't it?"

"It's just the opposite." God is puzzled.

Kevin continued, "this is the subtlety of my idea. We must limit the output of wine. Wine can only be brewed by specific grape varieties, once a year, and can only be planted in specific areas of the world."

God sighed, and these days, listening to different opinions had made him exhausted. "OK, so how do I allocate these areas? The regions of the world have been exhausted, wetlands, plains, rainforests, oceans... These are all key things, and I have to create human beings. "

"Yes, I have considered this problem, too. What I want is that you can partition some areas as the perfect area for producing wine, provide suitable soil for these areas, perfect geographical location, and the right humidity, light and temperature. These places will be made Wine delicious, people will praise is brewed with magic."

"Well, since these places are so few, how do people find them?" The God asked.

"This is a wonderful place," Kevin reached in his thigh and said, "they can't know! Unless they are here to grow more than ten years or even decades later, they will be found. But it takes a long time to find one thing, if so easy to find it, we will Yiyongershang this land soon lost."

"I see," God said slightly seriously, "but eventually these rare land will be used."

"So there is another point. Not only is the land difficult to find, but also the quality of wine will be different every year due to the change of weather."

"No problem, then how does climate change affect wine? Give me an example. "

"Smell. Wine has not only a simple smell, but a scent. This fragrance is from flowers, fruits, trees and herbs extracted -- they can smell in the aged can also change in a wink, through further development. One day it tastes a taste, and second days may be another flavor. "

God said, "I wonder if these people who are interested in wine will talk about it. I mean, is it going to be a trouble?"

Wine can gather people through its own attraction, some wine industry will rise, and people will get better social opportunities. Wine will be recorded in the history, culture and tradition of every country, and it may become the most memorable moment in people's lives. "

"Wine is so elusive and charismatic. A good idea, Kevin, though there are some unrealistic aspects, "God said," but tell me again, why are people still crazy about wine?

"Because we are going to create the best drinks in the world."