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The collocation of wine and Chinese food

The collocation of wine and Chinese food

Examples of wine dishes

Red Wine Sichuan, Roasted Duck, Roasted Chicken, pork, letinous edodes, ham, smoked food sauce

White wine fried dim sum, seafood, steamed

Champagne dessert, shark fins

The collocation of wine and Western food

Examples of wine dishes

Red wine cheese, ham, eggs, beef and sheep, birds, beasts, wild taste, viscera

White wine salad, cheese, chocolate, goose liver, seafood, snail

Champagne tea, Boudin, Turkey

1) the wine can not dominate, never say "wine dishes", never heard of "food wine". Therefore, the taste of wine can not be crushed. Put a dish in your mouth and drink one more wine. If you don't feel the taste of the dish, then the choice of this wine needs to be taken into consideration. The key to wine and food is to complement each other.

2) the irreconcilable factors should not be forced to combine. For example, tough red wine with fish is very inappropriate. Light and delicate red and white wine with Sichuan pepper or coriander stir fried beef is also very bad. But look for a complementary way, such as dry coarse fiber chicken slices and rounded and rich white wine, spicy spicy dishes and rich fragrant peach red wine are good match.

Once the Provence rose Wine to "South Beauty", that is "all-match" wine with spicy cuisines.

The characteristics of different foods determine the balanced match between the dishes and the wine.

The color of the color dishes can more or less arouse the appetite; the elegant color shows that the taste is sweet and melted well; the deep color shows that the dishes are strong and strong.

The temperature of the temperature of the food determines the temperature of the wine. The tactile perception of temperature is independent of taste, but temperature is involved in the role of taste balance. Therefore, we should respect the temperature of dishes and wine. Low temperature makes organs feel numb and too high temperature will burn the sense of taste buds.

The texture of the quality dishes is another key standard for the coordination and collocation of food and wine. Fiber of meat and Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil need different Wine to cooked food collocation; degree of coordination collocation is also very important, and fish fry the meat for the Wine different collocation.

Greasy greasy is the best ingredient to preserve the fragrance, and the oil and water are more tasty.

Fat can keep the aroma longer; greasy soup or ingredients play the same role.

Fragrance ingredients with its own flavor of some aroma; some tasteless and insipid, whether it is produced by processing the soup dish (poured in the dish on), or in order to improve the sense of smell and other (on the food side), if it smells strong in the main raw material, by the to determine the Wine collocation flavor soup.

The characteristics of the dishes are different, and the wine collocation is naturally different. The quality, aroma and greasy of dishes are the most important, and color and temperature are the most important. When the fiber is thick, the taste of the food is full of smooth wine, and the taste of the food is soft and greasy with the taste of the wine. According to the above analysis, try to find a balance between the wine and the food.

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