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Sober way

Wine, which is dusty in wine cellar, is like a sleeping beauty. Though beautiful but lacking in aura, sobering up is the awakening of the sleeping beauty, so that wine can reappear its aura and vitality. Simple sober process, behavior between revealed an elegant. After full contact with fresh air, the wine can be fully breathed. Tannins in wine will gradually oxidize, and its fragrance will also be gradually released with the oxidation process. The taste of red wine will become more mellow and soft.

• sober up, also called a bottle change. The formation of this tradition, because the original brewing Wine are generally not filtered, when Wine from wine barrel or bottle to bottle for everyone to enjoy, will be at the bottom of the pot or the bottom of the bottle there is some sediment, so the first Wine winemakers will pour decanters, wine liquid and sediment separate.

Red wine is known as a viable liquid, because red wine contains Tannic Acid, and tannin is very rich after exposure to air. And the best way to tell the change of a bottle of wine is to first pour 2 cups after opening the bottle, and drink it first, and the other cup is placed until the end to drink.

Today, we can at least find 2 most direct answers to why we want to wake up. First, it is to remove the sediment in the wine. Sobering as a filter has been preserved until now. Although most wines are filtered before bottling, there are always some precipitates in wine bottles, especially those that have been aged for a long time. Second, let the wine be in full contact with the air. Wine is a fragile liquid in the sober process can release some unpleasant taste or smell (dead yeast flavor, sulfur dioxide, rotten egg smell) the wine is full exposure to oxygen, the flower and fruit gradually dissipated, but also develop some more subtle flavor, supple and Wine the tannins, make Wine become more energetic, more complex and fruity taste.

The wine with sediment needs to sober up. The young good wine will change greatly after waking up wine, and the flavour of complex multilayer can be extended. The structure of compact, full bodied, thick tannins of Wine also need to sober up, these Wine high price, has the strong potential of young age, the aroma is strong, after wake up drunk, Wine quality will change, exudes a ripe fruit flavor, bitter tannins will become more supple that can show the true features of Wine.

Most of the wine mentioned above is produced by the old world classics, but for the new world wine, the taste and flavor of wine will not change much after waking up. In addition to the old world classic areas of red Wine, some white Wine also need to sober up, such as a certain age of Dragon Seal Riesling Wine, Aohabai Wine and young Chardonnay Wine.  After waking up the wine, their flavor will develop better. Most of the light and low - priced red wines do not need to wake up, and most of the white wine can also be opened. In general, wine, champagne and other sparkling wines do not need to be sober

How long does it need to wake up before drinking wine? This depends on the age and type of the wine, and the length of the waking time will ultimately affect the taste of the wine. As for the choice of a sober, it is purely for aesthetic consideration, because no one of the decanter will affect the quality of wine itself regardless of its shape, size and appearance. In the market, we can find various types of sober, from the ship type sober, to the kettle type sober, and to the modern various types of sober. No matter which type of sober, they can be used to sober up.

Sober steps:

1. will determine the erect state of the wine to be drunk. The normal wine erect time is 1 days, but the wine of more than 15 years must keep the wine bottle upright for 7-8 days.

2. before sobering up, ready to use the sober, funnel, filter cloth.

3. open the bottle, do not shake or rotate the bottle, cut the bottle after use a damp cloth to wipe the bottle, and then wipe the napkin, pull the cork, and then observe the bottle after determining not contaminated sediment above the wine fluid.

Before the 4. dumped wine, the eye and the wine bottle 90 degrees, and then slowly tilt the wine bottle, slowly pour the wine into the sober.

5. note that the last bottle of wine precipitate left in the bottle, do not pour decanters, to ensure that no precipitation decanters.