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Pick up a wines from British Columbia, Canada

What do you think about Canada? The vast North American wilderness? Romantic snow everywhere? Or red maple leaf? As a drinking buddy, think small minds naturally cannot do without Wine! So, what are the areas of Canada Wine? Ontario (Ontario) may be one of the better known, but Xiaobian today science is another area of British Columbia (British Columbia), the following is the 10 knowledge points about this region.

In the mid - 1.19 century, the Rome Catholic Church planted the first batch of grape trees near Kelowna (Kelowna) in British Columbia.

In the early 30s of the 2.20 century, the big harvest of apple in British Columbia led to a sharp drop in prices. The locals, eager to find sources of income, began to shift their attention to grape planting and the wine industry.

3. before 1980s, British Columbia mainly because of Ma Lei shire Foch (Marechal Foch), Lu Zhen (Rougeon) and black (Baco Noir) and Paco hybrids known.

4., with the signing of the free trade agreement between Canada and the United States, local wine merchants are facing competition from California, California, Oregon and Washington (Washington). In order to deal with this competition and improve the quality of wines, 1988-1989 years, the Canadian government removed the poor quality hybrids in the vineyard and planted some European wine grapes.

1990-1999 5. years since the government of Canada to make European wine grapes after the decision, British Columbia grape acreage has surged 182%.

6., most parts of British Columbia are mountainous or located too north, which is not suitable for planting European wine grapes. Only a small piece of land in the South can develop wine making industry.

7. Okanagan Valley (Okanagan Valley) is one of British Columbia's most important and prestigious Wine areas, the areas around the Okanagan Lake (Okanagan Lake), the Pacific coast about 500 km distance. Okanagan Valley is a rare and warm climate regions in the province of Wine.

8. British Columbia another major wine producing area is Kamien Ximi (Similkameen Valley), the valley is located in the east of Vancouver (Vancouver) about 400 kilometers. Ximika Hermione Valley and Okanagan Valley has nearly 90% of the province's vineyard. The two regions are protected from coastal rainwater due to the blocking of two local mountains.

The other 9. British Columbia wine producing areas include: Fraser Valley (The Fraser Valley), Vancouver (Vancouver Island) and Gulf Islands (Gulf Islands).

10. now, the region has more than 340 wineries, planted more than 75 varieties, of which the popular varieties include: Melo (Merlot), Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Gris (Cabernet Sauvignon) (Pinot Gris) and Chardonnay (Chardonnay).