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In France the most sensual Wine Beaujolais region "Shenzhen master class e

By June 26, 2017, Beaujolais (Beaujolais) sponsored by Wine Industry Association's theme is "Beaujolais: extra Park and regional areas of Shenzhen Beaujolais master class was held successfully in Shenzhen Ma brother Polo day hotel. At the same day, nearly 120 people, including wine importers, dealers and local professional media, participated in the activities. Red wine world as a media representative is invited to participate, now for you to report on the scene.

The master courses by the new Beaujolais (Noel CHI) Ambassador Mr. Qi Shaoren and MS. Oreilly Wabl on behalf of Wine Beaujolais Industry Association (Aurelie Vabre) Co speaker, from history, geography, climate, grape varieties, brewing technology and other aspects of multi angle lead our in-depth understanding and exploration of Beaujolais region.

Mr. Qi Shaoren is the first by the University of Burgundy in France (Universite de Bourgogne) awarded the degree Wine brewing technology Chinese, lived in France for five years, has a deep fate and beaujolais. In class, he spoke of Beaujolais has a long history, but also the French have most in the castle area. The ambassador also mentioned is different from other areas, Beaujolais is affected by three climate: warm wet spring, dry summer, cold winter, which provides excellent conditions for grape growth. In addition, in the classroom, Ms. Vabre also specially brought the local granite stone Beaujolais for everyone to appreciate. It is these different shades of color, texture of different gravel soil with the depth and breadth of beaujolais.

In class, in order to let everyone enjoy the charm of Beaujolais further, Beaujolais Wine Industry Association selected 6 Beaujolais wine, respectively, and these large district village Vimana (Julienas), Nie Lei (Regnie), mogon (Morgon) and windmill (Moulin a Vent) 4 Beaujolais Crus (super Village), pleasant aroma and taste are full to the presence of people left a deep impression.

On the Wine market, Mr. ambassador said about 60% of the Wine consumed by Beaujolais France, 40% exported overseas, including Japan, the United States and Britain is the three largest export markets, China ranked tenth. In 2016, in the Chinese Beaujolais sales growth of up to 17.8%, a huge potential.

Ms. Oreilly Wabl said that in recent years, more attention has been Chinese Beaujolais market. In 2016, the association actively participated in various wine exhibitions in China, held master classes in Xiamen, Nanning and other places, and invited the media to visit the production area, and launched a series of new media and online promotion activities. In 2017, the association will further strengthen the promotion, deep in China's two or three line cities, excavate the domestic wine consumption potential. In June 28th, Beaujolais master class successfully approached Zhuhai, and in 29 days, with a Beaujolais wine collocation as the theme of the high-end master classes will be held in Shanghai.