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Low tannins, are you right?

Dan Ning (Tannin) is an important part of red wine. It has the functions of antioxidation and antibacterial. It will bring a tight taste to the mouth during the drinking process, and it is an important factor to maintain the balanced taste of red wine. Some love is full, strong wine tannins with red Wine, but also drinking fresh style preference, tannin light Wine, because they do not love the bitter tannin taste, or there may be some people are born to a keen perception of tannins, unable to adapt to the Wine in thick tannins.

So, for this kind of love tannin wine, enjoy the red Wine becomes an elusive thing? No, today Xiaobian for everyone to support ideas, teach you how to buy delicious low single Ninggong Wine.

Low tannins, are you right?

1. BA Bella (Barbera)

This grape comes from the north of Italy. Its wine has beautiful acidity and fresh sour cherry, licorice and berry flavor. It is juicy and tannin is low. It is a good choice for low tannin wines.

2. Bohal (Bobal)

Bobal grape growth and central Spain, use it to brew Wine color is dark and tannin Qingqian, texture soft, full of fresh raspberry and blueberry flavor.

3. bonarda (Bonarda)

Here refers to the brewing bonarda from Argentina red Wine, this wine is generally lighter bodied, fruity, black cherry flavor, less tannin content. Note that there are a variety of Italy grape alias is also called "Bonarda", and Argentina bonarda grape wine. There is no relationship, pay attention to distinguish.

Cabernet Franc (Cabernet)

If you're in love with Cabernet (Cabernet) family Wine, but do not want to feel the Cabernet Sauvignon (Cabernet Sauvignon) with high tannin, then you can try the tannin content of Cabernet Franc Wine -- is the lowest of all Cabernet grapes. Moreover, the wines produced in Italy, the United States and other regions usually have a moving red raspberry flavor, which can well balance the bitterness of tannins.

5. Jiamei (Gamay)

The varieties of the tannin content is very low, produce Wine astringency is not obvious, full of fresh raspberry and blueberry aromas. French Beaujolais (Beaujolais) region produces Beaujolais Nouveau (Beaujolais Nouveau) is used for carbon dioxide impregnation Gamay grape brewing, bright color, fruity tannins and plenty of light.

6. Grenache (Grenache)

Generally speaking, Grenache is a thin testa and pale red grape varieties, use it to brew Wine light color, low tannin, fruity sweet. From the south of France and Spain Wine low-end Grenache single Ningdu is very light, but some Grenache wine, such as the new fort (Chateauneuf Du Pape), because the climate is dry, the wine color is dark, youthful tannins is very strong, so the wine should be selected for producing.

7. Pinot Noir (Pinot Noir)

This elegant and elegant grape variety, light color, tannin content low, but the fragrance complex elegant, can be described as the first choice of low tannins. The typical representative of nature is the most well-known Burgundy Red Wine (Burgundy), some cool climate such as Germany to produce Pinot Noir Wine can also try.

8. schiava (Schiava)

A relatively small minority of the Italy grape varieties, mainly grown in the Adige in northern Italy (Alto Adige) production in Germany also have a small amount of distribution. Its wine style is similar to that of black Pinot, but the sweetness of its sweets is more prominent.

9. Frappato

Fry Pato is a southern Italy Sicily grape varieties, brewing a Wine light bodied, fruity fragrance, with fragrant cherry, strawberry stem, cloves, violets and vanilla flavor, soft tannins, very easy to drink.

10. wapo (Valpolicella) red Wine cuts tela

What? You said that only the rich region wapo cuts TELA A Maroni (Amarone) and Regiotto (Recioto)? You're wrong. If Ronnie and Regiotto Amar although not so famous, but the same varieties of brewing wapo DOC/DOCG (Valpolicella DOC/DOCG) Wine cuts tela also has its own selling point: full bodied, soft tannins, shallow, easy to drink, show the sweet flavor of red fruit. For those who do not like high tannins, these simple red wines are a better choice.

Although the list of ten kinds of low tannin Wine, but this was still just a drop in the bucket Wine the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes. In order to find more low tannins, it can be done by understanding the characteristics of the grape variety and the climate characteristics of the producing area. In general, the grapes Wine thin, lighter color with less tannin, however, Italy Nebiolo (Nebbiolo) and San Jon Vessey (Sangiovese) is a typical light color and high tannin varieties, not by the color of their deception!