Sober way

Wine, which is dusty in wine cellar, is like a sleeping beauty. Though beautiful but lacking in aura, sobering up is the awakening of the sleeping beauty, so that wine can reappear its aura and vitality. Simple sober process, behavior between revealed an elegant. After full contact with fresh air, the wine can be fully breathed. Tannins in wine will gradually oxidize, and its fragrance will also be gradually released with the oxidation process. The taste of red wine will become more mellow and soft.。...
Wine Culture

Wine Culture


The collocation of wine and Chinese food

How did God create wine?

God was sitting at the side of the conference table when a guy from the creative department called himself Kevin (Kevin) came in. "Well, go on, I need to hear from other departments." God said. After the creation of the earth, God has been raising suggestions for how to allocate resources. "So," said God, staring at his notes, "your opinion is something called a wine. To say, look. " "Wine," Kevin stated nervously, "a drink made from a mixture of grapes and yeast.
The wine can not dominate, never say "wine dishes", never heard of "food wine". Therefore, the taste of wine can not be crushed. Put a dish in your mouth and drink one more wine. If you don't feel the taste of the dish, then the choice of this wine needs to be taken into consideration. The key to wine and food is to complement each other. Irreconcilable factors should not be forced to combine. For example, hard red wine with fish is very inappropriate. Light and delicate red and white wine with Sichuan pepper or coriander stir fried beef is also very bad. But, looking for a complementary way...
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